Tailor-made and shaped aluminum planters.

This project came about in mutual consultation with the green service of Diksmuide. The planters had to adopt the contours of the paving stones. Hence the triangular shapes. Each trough has at least one side of about 5 meters which makes this a project that requires some experience. At the same time, the boxes could not be inviting to sit on, which is why we opted not to work with a folded edge but to keep the wall thickness of 6 mm as a visible edge. We extracted the strength from a 40/40 profile tube welded 50 mm below the upper edge. Under this reinforcement, the entire containers, including the bottom, are equipped with 40 mm thick XPS plates which protect the plants in summer against burning and in winter against freezing.

Each planter is also equipped with the necessary overflow tubes so that the water can remain in the tank up to a height of 50 mm, but anything that has been led over can overflow. This promotes the growth of the plants.